28 September 2012

Taking a few Blogger Sick Days

Well Bloggers.. I have this inkling my body is "still" detoxing.

All week long I had allergy and sneezing going on.. but I wrote it off just as that

This morning I slept through 2 alarm clocks (Thank Allah it is my flex day).. missed yoga and Friday prayer and coughed most of the day with other issues that I will keep to myself

So, I was able to go to Masjid tonight to pray and hear a talk by Shaykh Wassim Sharif (who is an awesome linguist teacher)

Am home, took cough meds and going to crash because I cannot miss a really fun party tomorrow that I have been waiting for.. Right?

G'nite... Good Morning and Good Afternoon in case I don't see ya (Truman Show)

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