23 September 2012

Day 9 & 10 - Detoxing

Hello, Hello

Weight- no idea

# of Times Swore at Drivers- no idea

# of hours slept in the last few days - are you ready??? 24 hours. No exaggeration.

I'm feeling very icky and my muscles are very sore. I am craving water. My oxygen sats were low today and asthma acting up.

So I turned to my BFF "google" and typed in "why am I sick after first Khundalini yoga class?"

And this is what was returned from Carol Meirs Yoga Blog:

"The organs begin to detox, they cleanse themselves and the liver produces bile which goes to the stomach before being processed and excreted from the body. This can be unpleasant, after all toxins are poisons. So to help, drink a lot of cool water, preferably spring water, but I usually drink South West France tap water. You can also take a glass of warm water, mixed with lemon juice and a half teaspoon of salt. You can drink this during the yoga exercises also."

Hmmmm I guess it's working!! I'm super excited now to know that all my toxins are coming out, but rather disappointed that I was un productive this weekend. I guess in hindsight I wasn't un productive as my body was indeed working hard to get the years of crap out of it.

Can't wait for next weeks class.. Is my skin going to glow, my waist be 20" smaller? Insha Allah

Great week to all!!

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