05 October 2012

Day +20...It's Time to Get Serious

I'm going to deviate today from my normal craziness and get serious with you.

I'm really scared right now about my career. There are "things" going on that are so unsteady and confusing to me. People who "I" view as some really great individuals are suddenly gone. I apologize for writing in circles and not being straightforward, however, I must keep a small amount of confidentiality.

I like to think that I've submitted myself and my life to Allah SWT, but it seems that when certain realities arise in my life, I tend to turn my thoughts (mind, body and soul) internally. And I start to crawl into this hole of depression and anxiety. All the while, I am shirking my responsibilities and commitments to my family, my Ummah and my friends because of this dark hole I have gone into.

So first I ask Allah SWT to forgive me for not putting my trust 100% into Him; then I ask all of you to please forgive my aloofness lately. Insha Allah things will settle and my Iman will be stronger so I'm able to face the world again with my happy, goofy self.

Jazakallahu Khair

04 October 2012

Day 20 - I needs ta Bitch..(bad word warning)

Weight:     The same

Unprocessed Food:   Ummm yeah, not really working out for me this week :)

Mood:  I have been feeling pretty good lately.  Just super tired. I had a great, productive week at work, so that always makes me feel excellent.  I'm just sleepy.

# of Times I was FORCED to Swear at Drivers:  Okay, this is where I need to Bitch..
Today I had to deal with SADs (Stupid Ass Drivers) all day long.

This morning - a BAT (Big Ass Truck) and I almost did a head-on collision in an alley (shortcut to SB).  This dumb bitch driving this big ass car decided she had the "right of way" and literally drove my Prius off the alley and into a huge pothole.

I swore..gave a dirty look.. I was angry.

Then I had my coffee and felt better.

On the way home - every single BAT decided to drive on my Ass.. You Know.. GO THE FUCK AROUND me if I'm not going 100 mph (that's exaggerated) and ride someone elses ass.

Oh I was a bit stressed by the time I got home.  But, I had a few Chocolate Chip cookies and felt much better. 


Have an awesome Friday..

03 October 2012

My Morning....

My Lovely Drive
My Car that gets me there
My Beautiful walk to the Cube
The Cube

02 October 2012

Day +15 PhotoBlogger

Last Night:
So I came into a quiet room in the house, rolled my Yoga Mat out, popped in my basic Yoga DVD. And all was good and zen. Until... my youngest son comes in the room!

Picture this... I'm in Childs Pose and apparently the cat was in the room too (unbeknownst to me) and my son sees me de-stressing in child's pose and the cat is sniffing my butt!!

So I pretty much quit after that and went and had a chocolate shake. (It was a natural one)

Weight, Mood, etc: all the same

I PhotoBlogged my day but I can't do this correctly on the ole iPhone so will do another day.


01 October 2012

Day +15: Back in the saddle again..

 I'm baaaaaaack - back in the saddle agaaaainnnn!! (songs will be posted on the bottom)

So, this is what you missed on TCofT over the past few days:

That's correct - absolutely Nothing, Nada, Wala shy, Rien

Well, that's not 100% true - as I wasn't feeling so great and someone in my family wasn't feeling so great but the details would probably gross you out, so I will refrain.  That's right, you read correctly - Refrain.  Me.

So here are my stats:

 Weight:  Well, I gained 5# - then lost 5# (no details)

Mood:       I'm going to get real with you.  I was not able to attend Yoga this week-end and    I'm really bummed about it.  I have a super busy week and really wanted to get that stress release out of my neck, etc.  So, I pulled out an old basic Yoga DVD that I will attempt to do every night before I go to bed until I can get back to the class. :)

Unprocessed Food Challenge:
The challenge started TODAY.  Since I was unable to get to Sprouts or Whole Foods, I compromised today.  So, here goes

  1. Banana
  2. Quad Venti Non Fat, No Foam Latte
  3. Blueberry Scone.. yeah I know!
  4. Watermelon, Pineapple & Mango with Lime and salt
  5. Have No Clue what to have for dinner - I really want In N Out.. but..
Thought of the Day: