24 September 2012

Day 11 - "When you Grasped the Question

Did you forget the meaning?
When you met your challenge
Did you go out Fighting?

We will discover... Ripeness"

by:  Echo and the Bunnyman  You Tube Video

So the key to this little diddy above is the word.... you guessed it..... Challenge

I ran across this October 2012 Unprocessed Food Challenge and am trying to decide if I should take that Challenge

Would LOVE your comments, suggestions, ideas, blah blah blah on this... Have you done this before.... Are you currently doing this.. etc..

Weight:      I have lost 1 pound (ummmm it was probably my shoes)

# of Times I Swore @ Drivers Today:     1 time at a driver who was just driving like a dickhead and swerving in and out of traffic.. and 1 time at the Sun for being in my eyes and giving me a headache on my drive home.  I think the Sun listened, because it left.

Mood:  Still in the Zen.. feeling chill zone.. and was PROductive today. Yeah Me!!

One of my New Favorite Blogs:
99U - Insights on making Ideas happen

Teresa has left the building.... Good Night!!

1 comment:

umzaid said...

Salaams Teresa ! You make me laugh with these posts...Thanks :P

I can't cuss out loud when i'm driving my bus, 'natch, and i say astaghfirullah alot. So, i'm in the habit of saying "Bismillah" and my SE 13 y/o Chris P (Crispy) that sits in the front hears me..today, in lovely Santa Ana, i was mumbling about traffic and crispy sez, "Bismillah" ! what a blessing...took me right outta complaining.

I can relate to your comment re "cookie testing" for your family..I so need to detox..(after scarfing most of a small bag of crunchy cheetos today) and a diet pepsi. I tried Isagenix before, worked very well but quite pricey. But so is developing diabetes.

proud of you for your efforts!

G'nite Opposum Kisser p.s. why is it spelled with an "O" ?