26 September 2012

Day 10+ Boom Shaka Laka

Weight:   Okay, okay - I will actually get on that scary scale on Friday morning.  But, if it's wrong - "Somebody's gonna get hurt, Real bad" - Russell Peters

# of Times I got Angry at Drivers:  0 (I'm not lying either)

Mood:  I had an extremely good day today.  I was actually happy, productive, full of myself, you know the personality of a typical EFPU or whatever I am.

Today I was listening to the New Season of Glee while sitting, being productive in the Cube.

As I was having this grand - one woman party - attempting to do "the Dougie" in my chair (get your filthy minds out the gutter) - well, I saw out of the corner of my sweet, innocent eye..................... the finger.
Yes, that one.  So, as I slowly turned in my chair to the source of the finger; it was none other than my buddy, my mentor, someone I call my friend (a tear falls) saying Good Night to me. 

And, this person ruined my damn party which really pissed me off. You know who you are!!

Thoughts of the Day:
Don't get mad, do the Dougie

My New Fav:
Luving this guy

Hanni El Khatib

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