28 September 2012

Taking a few Blogger Sick Days

Well Bloggers.. I have this inkling my body is "still" detoxing.

All week long I had allergy and sneezing going on.. but I wrote it off just as that

This morning I slept through 2 alarm clocks (Thank Allah it is my flex day).. missed yoga and Friday prayer and coughed most of the day with other issues that I will keep to myself

So, I was able to go to Masjid tonight to pray and hear a talk by Shaykh Wassim Sharif (who is an awesome linguist teacher)

Am home, took cough meds and going to crash because I cannot miss a really fun party tomorrow that I have been waiting for.. Right?

G'nite... Good Morning and Good Afternoon in case I don't see ya (Truman Show)

27 September 2012

Day 10+ I gotta bitch...

or I might just explode!
(Metaphorically Homeland Security, don't get all excited)

Weight: Am feeling about 200# today

Mood: Really super crappy!

So here's my deal-i-o:
- only female
(aside from my cat, Sam, who is like 150 years old in cat years)
- have a full time career
- take classes part time (yoga, islamic and film)
- starting a small business

Now don't you think that the 3 grown males (and one baby kitty, Minoush) could, would be overjoyed to, want to help out around the house?

Of course not! All 4 of them want me to spend the few hours I have to cook, clean, do laundry, iron, pick up after them and organize all their shit for THEM!

You know what? One of the reasons I started my yoga-food-small business is not just for me, but for them. I had got to that point in my own life where I was so depressed that I cried, slept and gained weight. I can continue that life, but I will eventually end up with health issues or offing myself. And what good am I to them at that point?

I keep on being told.. Say Alhamdulillah (Thanks be to God) and stop complaining. I AM Alhamdulillah for MY life.. I think they need to say Alhamdulillah for a wife and mom that is trying to better herself so she can be healthy and leave a legacy (production company) for them.

Am I right? wrong? full of shit?

Comments are appreciated (if they are mean I will just be pissed at you for a minute.. I get over things quick). Alhamdulillah!

Yoga tomorrow Insha Allah woot woot

26 September 2012

Day 10+ Boom Shaka Laka

Weight:   Okay, okay - I will actually get on that scary scale on Friday morning.  But, if it's wrong - "Somebody's gonna get hurt, Real bad" - Russell Peters

# of Times I got Angry at Drivers:  0 (I'm not lying either)

Mood:  I had an extremely good day today.  I was actually happy, productive, full of myself, you know the personality of a typical EFPU or whatever I am.

Today I was listening to the New Season of Glee while sitting, being productive in the Cube.

As I was having this grand - one woman party - attempting to do "the Dougie" in my chair (get your filthy minds out the gutter) - well, I saw out of the corner of my sweet, innocent eye..................... the finger.
Yes, that one.  So, as I slowly turned in my chair to the source of the finger; it was none other than my buddy, my mentor, someone I call my friend (a tear falls) saying Good Night to me. 

And, this person ruined my damn party which really pissed me off. You know who you are!!

Thoughts of the Day:
Don't get mad, do the Dougie

My New Fav:
Luving this guy

Hanni El Khatib

24 September 2012

Day 11 - "When you Grasped the Question

Did you forget the meaning?
When you met your challenge
Did you go out Fighting?

We will discover... Ripeness"

by:  Echo and the Bunnyman  You Tube Video

So the key to this little diddy above is the word.... you guessed it..... Challenge

I ran across this October 2012 Unprocessed Food Challenge and am trying to decide if I should take that Challenge

Would LOVE your comments, suggestions, ideas, blah blah blah on this... Have you done this before.... Are you currently doing this.. etc..

Weight:      I have lost 1 pound (ummmm it was probably my shoes)

# of Times I Swore @ Drivers Today:     1 time at a driver who was just driving like a dickhead and swerving in and out of traffic.. and 1 time at the Sun for being in my eyes and giving me a headache on my drive home.  I think the Sun listened, because it left.

Mood:  Still in the Zen.. feeling chill zone.. and was PROductive today. Yeah Me!!

One of my New Favorite Blogs:
99U - Insights on making Ideas happen

Teresa has left the building.... Good Night!!

23 September 2012

Day 9 & 10 - Detoxing

Hello, Hello

Weight- no idea

# of Times Swore at Drivers- no idea

# of hours slept in the last few days - are you ready??? 24 hours. No exaggeration.

I'm feeling very icky and my muscles are very sore. I am craving water. My oxygen sats were low today and asthma acting up.

So I turned to my BFF "google" and typed in "why am I sick after first Khundalini yoga class?"

And this is what was returned from Carol Meirs Yoga Blog:

"The organs begin to detox, they cleanse themselves and the liver produces bile which goes to the stomach before being processed and excreted from the body. This can be unpleasant, after all toxins are poisons. So to help, drink a lot of cool water, preferably spring water, but I usually drink South West France tap water. You can also take a glass of warm water, mixed with lemon juice and a half teaspoon of salt. You can drink this during the yoga exercises also."

Hmmmm I guess it's working!! I'm super excited now to know that all my toxins are coming out, but rather disappointed that I was un productive this weekend. I guess in hindsight I wasn't un productive as my body was indeed working hard to get the years of crap out of it.

Can't wait for next weeks class.. Is my skin going to glow, my waist be 20" smaller? Insha Allah

Great week to all!!