21 September 2012

Day 8 - Mama's got her Kushoo back

Weight: 0 because I'm floating on air

Dietary: Okay will get real with y'all. After my awesome yoga class Masha Allah. I felt so great I Yelped an organic coffee spot; but as I was driving there, Starbucks jumped out at me and pulled me into their clutches. And I'm just not sure I'm ready to break up with SB just yet. We've been together for so many years, it's just going to take a little time.

Mood: Floating man (and nope didn't smoke dope). So I'm just relaxed times a trillion and my mind is just chill. So know I'll school some of you..

Kushoo means "submissive" in Arabic. And you know when your praying or trying to even concentrate on something; your mind wanders? It's a natural reaction for our bodies because we are constantly "on the go" and "switching gears". Well when I first started praying, my Kushoo was so intense that I almost felt like God was right in front of me. I would unintentionally smile at God. And through the years, I have lost this feeling. Even after taking courses and listening to lectures on it; nothing seemed to work for me.

My next step in search of Kushoo was to evaluate my body language while praying. And I noticed how tensed up my whole body was... Aha.. YOGA And in particular, Khundalini which is the focus on Yoga breathing, stretching, concentration on muscle groups, making sounds that actually are scientifically proven to release certain chemicals in the brain and meditation.

So in essence, when the core (the navel) of the body is coiled up tight from stress, the consequences of this affect, not just the muscles, but the brain. And this type of Yoga helps to unbind this and loosen you up; mind, body and Kushoo.

Insha Allah one day I would love to study the vibration sounds of some of our Ayats and incorporate it into an Islamic Type Yoga. Cool huh? Until then, my Intention when I say this is for no one but Allah SWT is:
ONG - The sound of Infinity as it relates to Creation.
NAMO - I name
GURU - That which takes you from dark to light,
DEV - Unbounded Light of the Highest Consciousness
NAMO - I name" or I identify

However when I greet or leave my teacher, in respect to her culture I say "Namasta" and she says "Salaam" to me. I luv the respect for each others culture in these two simple, but powerful words.

One last thing before I bid you a Good Night.. Want to share new, cool things I find with you.

One of my New Favorite things:

Flowy lightweight yoga inspired clothing made from organic cotton, bamboo and you guessed it, soy
Here's their blog:

Day 7 - Alhamdulillah

Weight: not important right now

Mood: wonderful! Very productive in my job today.

This evening I had dinner with my Documentary people. I just luv them. It's really cool to be amongst filmmakers who are non-judgmental, open to all types of conversation, great potluck too!! I feel like I'm with family when I'm with them. Some of the stories from the people who have worked in the business for so long are just amazing. One man worked on the original "Tron" and told us how they colored the film to give it certain affects. And the creativity used was incredible, now a computer program does it all. And then us new people, we are so excited to get started or are already working on projects. The advice from the professionals is priceless.

On our way home (I carpooled) we witnessed the most horrible thing you can when driving 60 mph on the freeway. A car merging in from another freeway to my left crossed all 4-5 lanes and smashed head on, then did a 360 right into the very small breakdown lane wall. Subhan'Allah no other driver was hit, Subhan'Allah I was able to hit my brakes in time, Subhan'Allah out of all the drivers, a nice young man and myself and my passenger were the only ones to pull over and call emergency and check in this man. As other drivers are honking at us to move out if their way. Really people? What if everyone did that if you we're in an accident and unconscious? What happened to dropping everything, risking your own life (not even realizing it at the time) for a fellow human being?

And the sad part is none if us could get phone service so I asked the young guy are you okay if I head out and call up the road where I get service? He said yes of course I just don't want this man suffering here alone. So we drive off and called emergency services. They were rude!!! I was asked more than once if "I" was involved inches accident, NO, I witnessed it but had to drive off just to call you. This man could be very hurt. No one else was involved. The reply, we have already received a call. Wow!! Instead of interrogating me, you couldn't just tell me that? I guess that's the price you pay for caring about another person!!

May Allah help us all

Good Night

19 September 2012

Day 6 "The Trenches"

Weight: well my fav jeans are loose in the waist so I'm estimating a few pounds

# of times swore at drivers: 0 on my in this morning. :)

Mood: much to my amazement it is pretty darn good. But then I did get some much needed sleep last night and the hormone factor is leveling.

I made it to the confines of my cubicle without incident; no escorting of the armed men in trucks (as sometimes happens although my face has been seen here for many years - go figure); a monthly gathering went off with no incidents; however have now come back to my safe zone to find numerous missed calls and texts from my offspring requesting ME to make phone calls for THEM... really??? Like I have nothing else to do today.

Okay so, I was Super Mom today. I made a phone call for my kid, picked up his diploma (yeah he graduated a while ago) and got a salad all in less than one hour. Thank you, Thank you

So my day was productive; I even drove the cart today with no incidents (crashing, dropping files all over the place, running anyone over) then my thunder was stomped on...

A very un-ethnic savy question I received today, "Why did you wear that today?". Oooookkkkkkaaaayyy. I had jeans, cute pink tunic and my scarf. So have no idea why I was asked that by this individual. Then the conversation turned even stranger, so I said, "Okay well see you later".

Upon returning home I was asked by my son, "Mom would you mind doing the dishes right now?"...
Really???? I left the house at 7 am and just got home at 730 pm and now I should clean YOUR dishes? Hell No!!

I'm locking myself in my safe room and hiding for the rest of the night.


18 September 2012

Day 5

I don't actually weigh myself each day. But today I made very good food choices; lots of fresh fruit, whole grain toast, only 1 cup if coffee. So I'm pretty happy with myself

Walking (from my home office to kitchen)

Much better today than yesterday when I feel comfortable I'll go into details, but the gist of it is i had to attend a teambuilding thing but we all had to take a few question personality test and the result I received was very devastating to me. It made me question and contemplate whether life was even worth living for me. As the personality explained was that of a loud, cruel person who had no qualms about hurting ones feelings. And an individual that values materialistic possessions more than people. And in my personal opinion, this person described is not a good Muslim so why would I want to even continue on doing good if this is who I supposedly am?

I'm taking this whole thing to a Psych MD to discuss and possibly shed some light on it for me. Just for my own peace of mind I'll let a professional counsel counsel me and not someone with a BA or MBA who took a seminar. Ya digg?

I'm going to go kiss my little possum friend good night and go to sleep (that was a lie)

17 September 2012

Day 4... blah!!!

Weight:     about 10 pounds lighter

Exercise:   i took stairs today - up one flight and then back down  - lol

# of times swore at drivers:     0 (i'm totally serious)

Mood Swing:    I'm going to get real... I sat at my desk and cried today.  The aforementioned gathering produced some information that really upset me.  For now that is all I can say about it, until I gather some facts and obtain some advice. :)

Sorry for the seriousness today - I'm still on Team Jacob so it's kinda getting me down.. I know, boo hoo - poor Teresa.  LOL

I'm going to get some sleep now..

16 September 2012

Day Three

Blogging from the ole iPhone today so forgive any mis-spells.

Am very tired today as was struck by a Vampire in my sleep and sustained major loss of body fluids, mainly red blood cells (extreme exaggeration)

With that said, I'm exhausted and doing some much needed catching up on:

- making sure the Sofa pillows are still stuffed to the maximum comfort
- testing the fan temperature and velocity
- watching movies that are in need of a good review before I let my kids watch them
- testing the cookies for any possible poisonous substance prior to sharing with the family

Anticipating tomorrow as an interesting gathering is to take place. Insha Allah all will be well and my # of times I swore to myself will remain low.

Good Day to all