18 September 2012

Day 5

I don't actually weigh myself each day. But today I made very good food choices; lots of fresh fruit, whole grain toast, only 1 cup if coffee. So I'm pretty happy with myself

Walking (from my home office to kitchen)

Much better today than yesterday when I feel comfortable I'll go into details, but the gist of it is i had to attend a teambuilding thing but we all had to take a few question personality test and the result I received was very devastating to me. It made me question and contemplate whether life was even worth living for me. As the personality explained was that of a loud, cruel person who had no qualms about hurting ones feelings. And an individual that values materialistic possessions more than people. And in my personal opinion, this person described is not a good Muslim so why would I want to even continue on doing good if this is who I supposedly am?

I'm taking this whole thing to a Psych MD to discuss and possibly shed some light on it for me. Just for my own peace of mind I'll let a professional counsel counsel me and not someone with a BA or MBA who took a seminar. Ya digg?

I'm going to go kiss my little possum friend good night and go to sleep (that was a lie)

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