19 September 2012

Day 6 "The Trenches"

Weight: well my fav jeans are loose in the waist so I'm estimating a few pounds

# of times swore at drivers: 0 on my in this morning. :)

Mood: much to my amazement it is pretty darn good. But then I did get some much needed sleep last night and the hormone factor is leveling.

I made it to the confines of my cubicle without incident; no escorting of the armed men in trucks (as sometimes happens although my face has been seen here for many years - go figure); a monthly gathering went off with no incidents; however have now come back to my safe zone to find numerous missed calls and texts from my offspring requesting ME to make phone calls for THEM... really??? Like I have nothing else to do today.

Okay so, I was Super Mom today. I made a phone call for my kid, picked up his diploma (yeah he graduated a while ago) and got a salad all in less than one hour. Thank you, Thank you

So my day was productive; I even drove the cart today with no incidents (crashing, dropping files all over the place, running anyone over) then my thunder was stomped on...

A very un-ethnic savy question I received today, "Why did you wear that today?". Oooookkkkkkaaaayyy. I had jeans, cute pink tunic and my scarf. So have no idea why I was asked that by this individual. Then the conversation turned even stranger, so I said, "Okay well see you later".

Upon returning home I was asked by my son, "Mom would you mind doing the dishes right now?"...
Really???? I left the house at 7 am and just got home at 730 pm and now I should clean YOUR dishes? Hell No!!

I'm locking myself in my safe room and hiding for the rest of the night.


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