21 September 2012

Day 7 - Alhamdulillah

Weight: not important right now

Mood: wonderful! Very productive in my job today.

This evening I had dinner with my Documentary people. I just luv them. It's really cool to be amongst filmmakers who are non-judgmental, open to all types of conversation, great potluck too!! I feel like I'm with family when I'm with them. Some of the stories from the people who have worked in the business for so long are just amazing. One man worked on the original "Tron" and told us how they colored the film to give it certain affects. And the creativity used was incredible, now a computer program does it all. And then us new people, we are so excited to get started or are already working on projects. The advice from the professionals is priceless.

On our way home (I carpooled) we witnessed the most horrible thing you can when driving 60 mph on the freeway. A car merging in from another freeway to my left crossed all 4-5 lanes and smashed head on, then did a 360 right into the very small breakdown lane wall. Subhan'Allah no other driver was hit, Subhan'Allah I was able to hit my brakes in time, Subhan'Allah out of all the drivers, a nice young man and myself and my passenger were the only ones to pull over and call emergency and check in this man. As other drivers are honking at us to move out if their way. Really people? What if everyone did that if you we're in an accident and unconscious? What happened to dropping everything, risking your own life (not even realizing it at the time) for a fellow human being?

And the sad part is none if us could get phone service so I asked the young guy are you okay if I head out and call up the road where I get service? He said yes of course I just don't want this man suffering here alone. So we drive off and called emergency services. They were rude!!! I was asked more than once if "I" was involved inches accident, NO, I witnessed it but had to drive off just to call you. This man could be very hurt. No one else was involved. The reply, we have already received a call. Wow!! Instead of interrogating me, you couldn't just tell me that? I guess that's the price you pay for caring about another person!!

May Allah help us all

Good Night

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