13 September 2012

Under Construction

The Chronicles of Teresa has been kind of a downer the last few years.

But then I suppose this is just how life is, it can't be drama-free, political-free, rainbows and unicorns all if the time. That is just not realistic.

However, we can try... Right? The glass is half full and what not.

So with all of the gobblygook written above here is what's going on:
- I'm making some big changes in my life right now
- My body is making some big changes that are not in my control (Aka menopause)
- I'm taking a step to get off of nicotine for good (Aka the dreaded gum)
- I have already began my Imaan challenge
- I quit my gym, that I hadn't attended in 2 years, and am on a new venture. Just wait... Mwaaahaaahaaa

So get ready for the Chronicles of my New Healthy Non-Moody Embracing my Menopause Life


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