15 September 2012

Day One into Day Two

Weight:     Oh forget about it.  Whatever eaten on the week-ends are free.... and I'm bloated.  Yeah, I said it, deal with it.

Activities:   Today was about other people.  I know, I know.. I'm diverting - but, really it was and I LOVED IT..

  • Got up early, well in time to meet a wonderful Sister who will be driving the Ramadan Hijab Drive items to Mexico.  However, did not make it to class and opted to get a coffee which I spilled in my bag and on the car. 

  • Took my oldest son to Trader Joe's to do some healthy food shopping.  He did.  I picked up Molassess cookies, various flavored goat cheese and crackers.  YUMMY  Then, my son in turn, took Me out to lunch in which I had the BEST fries (chips) of my life at Wing Stop.

  • Came home, did my Volunteer Housekeeping job
  •  Dressed for a Nikkah (Muslim Wedding)  Masha Allah

One of my lovely little Sisters from my Community got married today :) Big Huge Smile. Getting sentimental now - so, have a good 10 - 20 years on my little group of Halaqa sisters.. but, they took in this old stray and embraced my craziness.  I feel like they are not just my Sisters in Islam, but my little Sisters.  Being an older, experienced woman I feel like I need to protect them from the evils in this world.  So, when one of them gets engaged - I say, "Is this young man worthy of our little sister?"  And, the conclusion is always Yes.. but, I still have to ask.

However, all of the events took place off of the 405 freeway today and today is Carmaggedon II 
"the closure of the nation's busiest freeway" (per NBC News).  Which meant I had only a period of time to get back into the Valley before 11 pm.

Here is my Story:
As I was nervously watching my time, I noticed everyone starting to leave. Around 10 pm I saw the room starting to thin out very quickly.  Oh no, I have around 35 miles to drive before the closure times traffic.
So, me and my little Prius wound our way through Torrance up to the dreaded 405 freeway.  As we were driving as fast as we could to beat the dreaded closure the time was ticking.  I was starting to get nervous as the traffic slowed before the 10 freeway.  This was my OUT.. I could take the 10 and avoid getting stuck.  But, we pressed on.  We were getting closer and closer and the time was running out.  In the last 5 miles stretch, I placed the car in Power Drive and we kicked assphalt all the way up the hill.  And as we were cruising underneath the Grand Dame Mullhuland Drive Bridge - the reason for Carmaggedon II.  I looked up at the underbelly of it and said, "You Son of a Bridge, You Don't Own Me - Ha" and pumped my fist in the air.  Then swerved a little into the lane next to me...  # of Times I Swore at Drivers Today:   1

Good Nite..

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Sarah A said...

If you ever decide to come to claremont, if ur non-dhabiha, theres a restaurant that fries the french fries in duck fat, and oh my Allah it changes the whole taste around!! Just thought Id share..

Sarah A :)