14 September 2012

Day One - Night

Weight:       Between 180 & 185 (I know right? It's because I'm tall)

Food:         A slice of pizza & water while driving to class

Exercise:   20 min early for first Khundalini Yoga class (i hope someone gets here soon I have to use
                   the bathroom)

# of Times I Swore at Drivers:     !!

Nicotine Intake:                            !  (refer to above)

Update on Yoga: still waiting. I guess no need to drive fast and get a ticket. (that was a lie) but I did drive over 35 mph. Come on... it's a Prius... that's going fast!

Update on Yoga:  am home now, eating a big bowl of Chocolate Reeses Peanut Butter Cup Ice Cream
Why?  Because apparently the Yoga schedule changes daily.  # of Times I Swore at Drivers:     !
 Nicotine Intake:    !

Note to Self:  look for new Khudalini Yoga class that isn't 8.4 miles away and doesn't change their schedule as many times as I change my underwear....

New Goal:  go to sleep early tonight so can get up for Fajr prayer and start Arabic Class at 830 am..

Wish me luck and do lots of Duas

Good Nite

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