04 October 2012

Day 20 - I needs ta Bitch..(bad word warning)

Weight:     The same

Unprocessed Food:   Ummm yeah, not really working out for me this week :)

Mood:  I have been feeling pretty good lately.  Just super tired. I had a great, productive week at work, so that always makes me feel excellent.  I'm just sleepy.

# of Times I was FORCED to Swear at Drivers:  Okay, this is where I need to Bitch..
Today I had to deal with SADs (Stupid Ass Drivers) all day long.

This morning - a BAT (Big Ass Truck) and I almost did a head-on collision in an alley (shortcut to SB).  This dumb bitch driving this big ass car decided she had the "right of way" and literally drove my Prius off the alley and into a huge pothole.

I swore..gave a dirty look.. I was angry.

Then I had my coffee and felt better.

On the way home - every single BAT decided to drive on my Ass.. You Know.. GO THE FUCK AROUND me if I'm not going 100 mph (that's exaggerated) and ride someone elses ass.

Oh I was a bit stressed by the time I got home.  But, I had a few Chocolate Chip cookies and felt much better. 


Have an awesome Friday..

1 comment:

Sarah A said...

Go Pet your cats, you'll feel muuuch better and may ease up on the swear words. (I have to admit, thats what got me to click on ur link...lol.)
Sarah A