04 December 2012

Whassup my Ninjas?

So, this is what you missed for the last few weeks...
  • My back went out and I was stuck in bed (no surprise there)
  • I lost a few and gained a few pounds
  • Had a little hysterical, PMS, hormonal FLIP OUT... in public...(shocking, I know)
  • Didn't pay some of my bills
  • Spent way too much time talking and making up songs about Nooshi (yes, my cat)
  • Watched the same happy, holiday, love stories on LMN for the third time
  • Pissed my spouse and children off (like that's new)
  • Did my job (see above.... haa haa.. I jest)
  • Volunteered hours at my housecleaning job (yes, the one I live in)
  • AND... attended my friend Harvey's West Coast Premiere of his Documentary "Bible Storyland" - here is a plug and a pic.. it was really very well done

PRODUCT PLACEMENT ..... Go see it.... very Cute!!

This is Mimi the pig                and                      this is Harvey

and here is the trailer

And, that's what you missed in life and chronicles of Teresa's amazingly boring life :)

Be Well and Shake it Like a Polaroid Picture!

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