25 November 2012

Day +++ Taking Time Out to Smell the Roses

Sometimes the daily grind (AKA Life) can just get to you. And once the negative flow starts, it's like an avalanche. It starts out with a snowball the size of a baseball and rolls on down that hill so quick, meanwhile picking up more and more snow and ice along the way. Then in its path of destruction it does not care what is in it's way. It's too late to care. Until it finally hits the bottom and smashes apart.

This is how my life feels lately. Although so many signs in the form of people, activities, small miracles have been presented, I have been like that avalanche and chose to ignore their significance.

Why do we do that? It's not because it's easier to just give in to the negativity and destruction because that takes way too much energy. Perhaps we just become comfortable in this feeling and it's an easy escape from reality and an excuse to be alone and wallow in our misery.

I recently went through some pretty dramatic events in my life. And while one might say, "Oh come on Teresa, dramatic, really compared to the people of Syria, Gaza, Burma, etc?" And No nothing like that, but then I can't compare myself to their situations as I have never lived through oppression and war. But it is dramatic in my life and and comfort zone so it doesn't make it any less important.

So today I'm finally sitting and forcing myself to do nothing but think and smell the roses, well really the green tea and oranges that my feet are soaking in. Listening to calming Asian music in a quiet place. It's what works for Me.. and living in the middle of a city, it's the only way to find peace and quiet for an hour. Because as soon as I walk out the door, the hustle of cars, helicopters, sirens, people will consume my ears and brain.

But, Insha Allah (God Willing) I will walk out just a little bit calmer, with a little peace of mind and positivity.

Peace and Be Well. I'm gonna try!

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