10 December 2012

A Little Less Conversation...

..A little more action please
All this aggravation aint satisfactioning me

Okay, so I am aware that these words are from an Elvis song
And, what I am writing has ABSOLUTELY nothing to do with the topic of this song

But, I am sort of feeling like this: (but with a Hijab under the hats)

And, while I'm NOT aggravated, nor am I NOT satisfied - I'm just kind of at that (see picture) on Projects I am working on or involved in right now.

Okay, I'm done with the description pictures - feels like you are reading a Children's book huh?

I am working on projects around our house with the painting of several rooms, organizing and distributing items that are no longer needed, and after the outside of the house is painted, I will need to lanscape again {as all of my plants have been pulled out ;( me crying}
And, my deadline for all of this is.............. January 12th.  Oh yes!!
And, I will not be receiving any help with this unless I want to $$
And, I'm realizing, I am getting old and my body gets hurt easily.  LoL
And, there is the time issue.. but, this is everyone's complaint with house projects

Anyway, if you have any suggestions, ideas, etc.. I would be glad to receive them.

So, when I start to feel overwhelmed; I just go find this guy and he just seems to make me smile and chill out.

Okay - here are a few of my favorite blogs:

Be Well, Have a Great Week - Teresa has left the building!!

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