12 November 2012

Day Whatever.... Mamas Been Sick ick

So I've been sick, in bed all last week, with Bronchitis. (I know feel bad for me)

I want to continue my Negotiations thing here.. but I'm starting to feel the cold, cough, antibiotics kicking in. So I'm gonna be quick.

One Major thing I took from this class was a technique called "The Balcony" and if you look at a negotiation, whether it's something as big as a career negotiation or trying to get your 3 year old to bed.... this technique can really be an asset.

So let me try to draw a picture in your head with my words (you're getting sleepy) joking!!

Me My Kid


So I'm telling my kid he HAS to be home before 10 pm because (fill in the reason)

My kid is trying to negotiate and say it is impossible to get in before 10 pm because (fill in the reason)

So, as you know, this negotiation will or could go on and on; start to get really heated; I could start threatening my son; he could say he's running away, etc etc...

But instead of bringing up the past or attacking his character or wasting time going back and forth; when "I" get to that point where I feel I "might just go there" ... I'm going to stop the conversation, take a time out and go to The Balcony".

Why? Because on the balcony, I can look down at the situation and see both sides and most important look at the big picture.

Then, we can negotiate.

Good Luck & Be Well

Mama T

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