29 October 2012

Day +40: The Art of Negotiations

As promised..... I'm sharing my Negotiation Workshop with you :) yeah..

Promoting Constructive Relationships for Negotiations

Remember: "The people are not THE problem, but they can be A problem"

Distinguish between Negotiations and Negotiators
- Two aspects of every negotiation:
1. Substantive issues (the meat of it)
2. Relationship issues (soft aspects of interactions with people)
- Address each, but don't link them
- Benefits
1. Negotiate with a "partner" not an "opponent"
2. Navigate disagreements better
3. Avoid 2 pitfalls
- Pitfall 1: Sacrificing the relationship for short-term substantive gains
- Pitfall 2: Giving on substance expecting a better relationship

Again, separate the people from the problem.

Remember the negotiation and the negotiator have something in common.

More to come...

Live Long & Get what you Need!!

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