25 October 2012

Day 37: I'm Baaaaaaaack

Weight: None of ya damn business
LoL okay I'm getting on the
scale- hold on- I'm gonna
do 2 out of 3 {hold music}
192.5 wth?

Intake/Output: Okay so in my defense I have been in a conference and did nothing but learn, eat and sleep soooo I'm pretty sure I have some bloating going on. {I heard that and it wasn't nice}. LoL

# of times I swore: Yeah, I swore a lot the last few days at drivers and myself. I had a few "incidents" while out of town. I'll share once I can get to the point if laughing at them.

Exercise: 0

New Things I Learned: a billion (over exaggeration). My favorite was a negotiating workshop, it was awesomenation.

I must confess, I missed my Nooshi cat so much. When I got home today I was searching for him, when I found him, he looked at me and ran away like I was a stranger. It was very heartbreaking. But as soon as I started yelling at everyone he came running to me. Ohhhh Mama's home!! Haa Haa

Going to sleep now.

All aboard the express khandalini!!

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