18 October 2012

Day +30 Girl Talk {warning women issues}

My weight is probably up right now as I haven't been too active this week due to a back, knot, muscle thingy!! :(

Moody Level
Okay Gals I'm just gonna be straight here - Hormones Suck!!

They suck when you are young (and single); They suck after you have babies; and They suck when you get my age (pre or peri-menopause)

I am so moody (the back pain is making it worse) I just can't even stand being around myself.

My family drives me insane. Little things (eg. a few dishes in the sink, wudu water all over the sink and floor, old newspaper on the table) these never bothered me and if they did, I just "fixed" it myself. No complaints, no problem.

Lately, this psychotic woman, whom I have never met, arises in the pit of my stomach and into my head and I bust out screaming (no exaggeration) at my family. And it doesn't end there, this foul mouthed truck driver also has taken over my mouth and I swear at my family. I mean, it's INSANE!

Alhamdulillah (all praises are due to God) I will be attending a conference soon and be out for a few days. I am praying that this time alone will not only help me out, but, give my family a break from me too. Hopefully they don't change the locks while I'm away. Well as long as I can get my cat, I'll be fine. ;)

Alrighty, going to slap some smelly old people stuff on my back, take pain meds, and sleep!!!!

Peace and all that Stuff

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